chaos (1994)

This was my final composition for under-graduate degree. The title "Chaos" came from one of the concepts and from the mental situtation I was in while composing this piece.

There are two main concepts. One is morphing of two waveforms. It was done by taking substraction of each samples and adding or substracting data. For this, I excpected to have some synthetic effect when morphing one waveform to another, but unfortunetaly, it was just cross fading two sounds. I should have tried morphing on the spectrum domain and not the time domain...

Second concept was to use the logistic equation of chaos as a pitch of notes. This method produced quite a complex movement of notes with just a single equation.




Hardware: NeXT Cube
Software: Common Lisp Music, Common Music, Music Kit, rt

Download file (mpeg I layer III, 192kbps, 12.6MB)


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