coldsleep (2001)

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This is a piece for a secret live done by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yoshihiro Hanno, me and Atsushi Tadokoro at Earthday Tokyo 2001. Of course, Mr.Sakamoto and Mr.Hanno was the main performer and I was just a front act, but was a nice experience doing live music out in the field. The title comes from the samples I used.

これは、2001年のEarthday Tokyoの時に行われたhoonのライブのために作ったもの。メインはもちろん坂本さんと半野さんなわけだけど、屋外で気持ちよく音を出せたのはいい経験。タイトルは、作品内に使われているサンプルからきているもの。

HARDWARE: Panasonic Let's Note B5R(Win98SE), PowerMac 6100 w G3 card
SOFTWARE: Csound, CoolEdit Pro, AudioMulch, Thonk

Download file (mpeg I layer III, 192kbps, 14.1MB)


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