experiment 7 (1998)

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My first composition all based on Linux and Windows95. I didn't use NeXT or Mac for the first time!(Is it good or bad?) This piece experiments with Granular Synthesis and composition based on Markov Proccess. I've analysed J.S. Bach's Air on G for the Markov Proccess. Granular Synthesis was done mainly on Csound.

This piece is dedicated to one of my best friend Chiaki Ikegami, who passed away in a car accident on Nov. 1998.


Hardware: IBM-PC compatible with Linux and Windows 95
Software: Csound, Perl, CMU MIDI Toolkit, CoolEdit Pro

Download file (mpeg I layer III, 192kbps, 9.9MB)

Experiment7 by yasaka


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Hello, I can’t advised how to add your blog in my rss reader

Hi “Cold Souls” is ambitious and tonally cool!


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